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As an End Gamer Student, Bobby D Came to Us With His Product…


…and we took one look at his results and were blown away!  Not to mention, super excited to be able to launch this product. You see Bobby is a “newbie” who had been struggling to find anything that really worked. Much like most of us, he’d worked his way through course after course, but the sight of those dollar signs continued to elude him. Then one day he decided to have a dabble at buying and selling domains…and the rest, as they say, is history!

“I said to Bobby, can you show me how you’ve made sales without a list, and when he did, I realised that what we had here was something really, really exciting!”

So What Is Flipadom?  An Indian, Frisbee Sized Crisp?  A Female Contraceptive?  No! 😉

Case Study Based Video Training


Flipadom is based on the actual results that Bobby D has achieved, buying and selling domains, and making a tidy profit. He has a full time job, working incredibly long hours, but has been doing this in his spare time.

If you knew how to buy something for $10 and sell it for $149…how many would you buy and sell? He’s managed to sell 13 domains that cost him just $111.96 in total, for an eye watering $1,571!

With Flipadom You Can Pan for Gold in Your Spare Time…and Find It!

Over The Shoulder…Play, Pause, Rewind


Now the way Bobby teaches this stuff is supersuper easy, but even so, if at any point you’re unsure, you can just pause, rewind and play again.

The member’s area is a clean, easy to navigate site with over the shoulder style training videos, in which Bobby has documented every step of his awesome process.

But the best bit is he reveals just how he was able to get these insane results!

With the Flipadom System You Can Copy & Paste Bobby’s Success for Fast Cash

But, let me tell you, although domain flipping can be incredibly profitable

I need you to understand that this stuff is a bit of a

nightmare if you try to figure it out by yourself!

Which is Why We Created Flipadom!


I’m not saying you’d have zero chance of success, having a stab at this on your own, but if it really was that easy…why aren’t you already doing it?

ANSWER: Because its only THAT easy of you have the right recipe to follow! Look if you decided to leave this page right now, and go and buy a load of domain names, let me tell you what’s likely to happen…

You’ll probably struggle to get your investment back, find yourself lumbered with a bunch of domains that will only cost you more money when they renew, and NOT make the crazy profits that Bobby is making.

And you’ll probably throw that idea on the ever increasing heap of “things that didn’t work”

This isn’t because you’re dumblazy or unlucky

It’s Simply Because You Wouldn’t Be Following a Proven Recipe!  


Let’s say you wanted to learn to make the very best, most delicious meal you’ve ever tasted in your life…who would you go to for the recipe?

A talented chef who consistently produced the most amazing tasting food?

Or the bloke down the pub who told you he knew how to knock up a wicked egg on toast? Well with Flipadom you get the most delicious recipe for making easy, fast cash online you’ve ever tasted!

And you get it directly from the domain flipping chef himself…Bobby D! Bobby has the winning recipe, and he’s going to share it with YOU!

Without the BS!

Don’t Leave This Page Without Picking Up


Bobby Has Done All the Hard Work for You!


He’s tested, spent HIS money, and worked out what get’s results, and what leaves you skint! And then documented it all in over the shoulder videos so you can get started as soon as….well now!

He’s finally perfected his recipe for making consistent money online, and is prepared to share it all with YOU.

Bobby has the winning recipe, and he’s going to give it to YOU!

Don’t leave this page without picking up Flipadom….or you will kick yourself!


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